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What Determines if a Windscreen Chip Can Be Repaired

November 5, 2023

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s safety and integrity, the condition of your windscreen is crucial. A chip on your windscreen might seem like a minor issue, but it has the potential to escalate into a significant problem if not addressed promptly and correctly. At BOP Windscreens, we specialize in windscreen chip repairs, windscreen replacement, and tinting services for customers throughout Tauranga, Coromandel, the Waikato, and Bay of Plenty regions. In this article, we’ll delve into the key factors that determine whether a windscreen chip can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary.

Size of the Windscreen Chip

The size of the chip is a critical factor in determining the appropriate course of action. Typically, we are able to repair chips with a diameter of an inch or less, and cracks that are no longer than 18 inches. However, if a chip has more than three long cracks or a pit size of more than ⅜ of an inch, the structural integrity of the windscreen may be compromised, necessitating a replacement. To ensure accuracy in assessment, we recommend visiting our premises so our experienced technicians can provide you with a professional recommendation.

Location of the Damage

The location of the chip or crack plays a significant role in deciding whether a repair is feasible. If the damage is situated within the critical viewing area of the driver or at the edge of the windscreen, it may impair the driver’s visibility or affect the windscreen’s structural stability, respectively. In such cases, a windscreen replacement is usually recommended. Additionally, if the damage extends through both the exterior and interior layers of the windscreen glass, a replacement is necessary to maintain the safety and integrity of the vehicle.

Number of Previous Windscreen Repairs

The history of repairs on your windscreen is another crucial consideration. A windscreen that has undergone eight or more repairs may no longer be in optimal condition, and a replacement might be the safer option. Furthermore, if there have been two or more repairs located in the driver’s critical viewing area, we typically recommend a replacement to ensure the driver’s unobstructed view and overall safety on the road.

Quality of Repairs at BOP Windscreens

A small or inadequately repaired windscreen chip can quickly develop into cracks, leading to the need for an expensive windscreen replacement. At BOP Windscreens, we pride ourselves on our ability to restore your windscreen to its original strength. We utilize high-quality resin to not only ensure that the surface of your windscreen looks impeccable but also to guarantee that the resin is properly bound and cured onto the cracks, preventing the need for future repairs.

We understand the importance of a prompt and efficient service, and our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch windscreen repair services. Whether you need a minor chip repair or a complete windscreen replacement, BOP Windscreens is your go-to for all of your auto-glass requirements in Tauranga, Coromandel, and the surrounding regions.

Don’t let a small chip turn into a big problem. Contact us today and let our experts assess the extent of the damage to provide you with the best possible solution. Your safety is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring your windscreen is in perfect condition.


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